John Wesley United Methodist Church
Tuesday, July 27, 2021
The birth of John Wesley United Methodist Church took place on April 3, 1960, when a group of 122 enthusiastic people met in the crowded Hartsfield Elementary School cafeteria to hear the charismatic young pastor, Danny Morris, preach that Sunday morning. Not a noise could be heard even from the rickety wooden folding chairs, as people held their breath in an attempt to hear every word Pastor Morris said. Even the bright young faces of children were enthralled by his inviting voice and youthful energy.
Both young and old attendees were looking forward to the establishment of their new church and believed that through God, anything was possible. When the sermon ended the congregation began to discuss the message that had been delivered especially for them. The feeling of love and commitment toward an unknown future created a common bond among the new members, many of whom had left the larger Trinity United Methodist Church with hopes of serving the new subdivision of Indian Head Acres. The caring of these special Christians helped even strangers feel like one large family.
They all departed with inspiration and hope—for on this day a family of believers gave birth to a church whose mission was to help others through the caring and welcoming attitude of its congregation.